CGAL 5.4.4 - Quadtrees, Octrees, and Orthtrees
CGAL::Octree< GeomTraits, PointRange, PointMap > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Octree.h>


template<typename GeomTraits, typename PointRange, typename PointMap = Identity_property_map <typename std::iterator_traits<typename PointRange::iterator>::value_type>>
class CGAL::Octree< GeomTraits, PointRange, PointMap >

Alias that specializes the Orthtree class to a 3D octree.

These two types are exactly equivalent:

This is a not a real class but an alias, please refer to the documentation of Orthtree.
Template Parameters
GeomTraitsmust be a model of Kernel
PointRange_must be a model of range whose value type is the key type of PointMap
PointMapmust be a model of ReadablePropertyMap whose value type is GeomTraits::Point_3
Orthtree/octree_build_from_point_set.cpp, Orthtree/octree_build_from_point_vector.cpp, Orthtree/octree_build_with_custom_split.cpp, Orthtree/octree_find_nearest_neighbor.cpp, Orthtree/octree_grade.cpp, Orthtree/octree_traversal_custom.cpp, Orthtree/octree_traversal_manual.cpp, and Orthtree/octree_traversal_preorder.cpp.