CGAL 5.4.4 - STL Extensions for CGAL
CGAL::Random_access_adaptor< IC > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/iterator.h>


The class Random_access_adaptor provides a random access for data structures.

Either the data structure supports random access iterators or circulators where this class maps function calls to the iterator or circulator, or a STL std::vector is used to provide the random access. The iterator or circulator of the data structure are of type IC.

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typedef unspecified_type size_type
 size type of the STL std::vector.


 Random_access_adaptor ()
 invalid index.
 Random_access_adaptor (const IC &i)
 empty random access index initialized to start at i.
 Random_access_adaptor (const IC &i, const IC &j)
 random access index initialized to the range [i,j).
void reserve (size_type r)
 reserve r entries, if a std::vector is used internally.


IC operator[] (size_type n)
 returns iterator or circulator to the n-th item. More...
void push_back (const IC &k)
 adds k at the end of the indices.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator[]()

template<typename IC >
IC CGAL::Random_access_adaptor< IC >::operator[] ( size_type  n)

returns iterator or circulator to the n-th item.

n < number of items in the data-structure.