CGAL 5.4.4 - CGAL and Solvers
CGAL::Mixed_integer_program_traits< FT > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Mixed_integer_program_traits.h>

Inherited by CGAL::GLPK_mixed_integer_program_traits< FT >, and CGAL::SCIP_mixed_integer_program_traits< FT >.


The class CGAL::Mixed_integer_program_traits provides an interface for formulating and solving (constrained or unconstrained) mixed integer programs.

It can also be used for general linear programs.

The solve() function is virtual and thus this class cannot be instantiated directly. Client code should use the inherited classes, i.e., CGAL::GLPK_mixed_integer_program_traits or CGAL::SCIP_mixed_integer_program_traits. Alternatively, use CGAL::Mixed_integer_program_traits as a base to derive a new model (using e.g., CBC , Gurobi for better performance).
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