CGAL 5.4.4 - 2D Straight Skeleton and Polygon Offsetting
CGAL::Straight_skeleton_2< Traits_ > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Straight_skeleton_2.h>

Inherits from

CGAL::HalfedgeDS_vector< Traits, Items, Alloc >.


Is Model Of:

The class Straight_skeleton_2 provides a model for the StraightSkeleton_2 concept which is the class type used to represent a straight skeleton.

The only purpose of this class is to protect all the modifying operations in a HalfedgeDS. Normal users should not modify a straight skeleton. If an advanced user needs to get access to the modifying operations, it must call the required methods through the Base class.

Template Parameters
Traits_must be a model of Kernel
See also
Straight_skeleton_2/Create_offset_polygons_2.cpp, Straight_skeleton_2/Create_saop_from_polygon_with_holes_2.cpp, Straight_skeleton_2/Create_skeleton_and_offset_polygons_2.cpp, Straight_skeleton_2/Create_straight_skeleton_2.cpp, Straight_skeleton_2/Create_straight_skeleton_from_polygon_with_holes_2.cpp, Straight_skeleton_2/Low_level_API.cpp, and Straight_skeleton_2/Show_straight_skeleton.cpp.