CGAL 5.4.4 - 3D Surface Subdivision Methods
CGAL::PQQ_stencil_3< PolygonMesh, VertexPointMap > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Subdivision_method_3/subdivision_masks_3.h>

Inherited by CGAL::Linear_mask_3< PolygonMesh, VertexPointMap >, and CGAL::Loop_mask_3< PolygonMesh, VertexPointMap >.


template<class PolygonMesh, class VertexPointMap = typename boost::property_map<PolygonMesh, vertex_point_t>::type>
class CGAL::PQQ_stencil_3< PolygonMesh, VertexPointMap >

The stencil of the Primal-Quadrilateral-Quadrisection.

Public Types

typedef PolygonMesh Mesh
typedef boost::property_map< Mesh, vertex_point_t >::type Vertex_pmap
typedef boost::graph_traits< Mesh >::vertex_descriptor vertex_descriptor
typedef boost::graph_traits< Mesh >::halfedge_descriptor halfedge_descriptor
typedef boost::graph_traits< Mesh >::face_descriptor face_descriptor
typedef boost::property_traits< Vertex_pmap >::value_type Point
typedef Kernel_traits< Point >::Kernel Kernel
typedef Kernel::FT FT
typedef Kernel::Vector_3 Vector

Public Member Functions

 PQQ_stencil_3 (Mesh *pmesh)
 PQQ_stencil_3 (Mesh *pmesh, VertexPointMap vpmap)
void face_node (face_descriptor, Point &)
void edge_node (halfedge_descriptor, Point &)
void vertex_node (vertex_descriptor, Point &)
void border_node (halfedge_descriptor, Point &, Point &)

Public Attributes

Mesh * pmesh
VertexPointMap vpmap