CGAL 5.4.4 - Triangulated Surface Mesh Simplification


The concept PlacementFilter describes the requirements for the policy function object which gets the profile and placement of an edge and which can filter the placement. The filtering is only done when an edge is taken from the priority queue in order to get collapsed, and neither when the edge is inserted nor when it is updated in the priority queue.

The placement returned is a boost::optional value (i.e., it can be absent). The value boost::none indicates that the edge should not be collapsed.




Has Models:


CGAL::Surface_mesh_simplification::Polyhedral_envelope_filter<GeomTraits, BasePlacementFilter>

Public Types

typedef CGAL::Surface_mesh_simplification::Edge_profile Edge_profile
 The class Edge_profile regroups useful information about an edge, such as its incident vertices and faces.


boost::optional< Edge_profile::Pointoperator() (const Edge_profile &profile, boost::optional< Edge_profile::Point > placement) const
 filters the placement.