CGAL 5.4.4 - Tetrahedral Remeshing
CGAL::Tetrahedral_remeshing::Remeshing_cell_base_3< Gt, Cb > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Tetrahedral_remeshing/Remeshing_cell_base_3.h>


template<typename Gt, typename Cb = CGAL::Triangulation_cell_base_3<Gt>>
class CGAL::Tetrahedral_remeshing::Remeshing_cell_base_3< Gt, Cb >

The class Remeshing_cell_base_3 is a model of the concept MeshCellBase_3.

It is designed to serve as cell base class for the 3D triangulation used in the tetrahedral remeshing process.

Template Parameters
Gtis the geometric traits class. It has to be a model of the concept RemeshingTriangulationTraits_3.
Cbis a cell base class from which Remeshing_cell_base_3 derives. It must be a model of the TriangulationCellBase_3 concept. It has the default value Triangulation_cell_base_3<Gt>.
Is Model Of: