CGAL 5.5 - 2D Arrangements
ArrangementBasicTopologyTraits Concept Reference


The concept ArrangementBasicTopologyTraits defines the minimal functionality needed for a model of a topology traits, which can substitutes the TopolTraits template parameters when the class template Arrangement_on_surface_2<GeomTraits, TopolTraits> is instantiated. In particular. a model of this concept holds the Dcel data structure used to represent the arrangement cells (i.e., vertices, edges, and facets) and the incident relations between them.

Has Models:
CGAL::Arr_spherical_topology_traits_2<GeometryTraits_2, Dcel>


typedef unspecified_type Point_2
 models the concept ArrTraits::Point_2.
typedef unspecified_type X_monotone_curve_2
 models the concept ArrTraits::XMonotoneCurve_2.

Access Functions

const Dceldcel () const
 Obtain the DCEL (const version). More...
Dceldcel ()
 Obtain the DCEL (non-const version). More...

Member Function Documentation

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const Dcel& ArrangementBasicTopologyTraits::dcel ( ) const

Obtain the DCEL (const version).

◆ dcel() [2/2]

Dcel& ArrangementBasicTopologyTraits::dcel ( )

Obtain the DCEL (non-const version).