CGAL 5.6 - 2D Hyperbolic Delaunay Triangulations
2D Hyperbolic Delaunay Triangulations Reference

Mikhail Bogdanov, Iordan Iordanov, and Monique Teillaud
This package enables building and handling Delaunay triangulations of point sets in the Poincaré disk model of the hyperbolic plane. Triangulations are built incrementally and can be modified by insertion and removal of vertices; point location facilities are also offered, as well as primitives to build the dual Voronoi diagrams.
Introduced in: CGAL 4.14
Depends on: 2D Triangulations
BibTeX: cgal:bt-ht2-17-23b
License: GPL
Windows Demo: Hyperbolic Delaunay Triangulation
Common Demo Dlls: dlls

The Delaunay triangulation of a set of points \(P\) in the hyperbolic plane \(\mathbb H^2\) is a two-dimensional connected simplicial complex with vertex set defined by the points \(P\).

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Two models for the concept HyperbolicDelaunayTriangulationTraits_2 are provided:

The model CGAL::Hyperbolic_Delaunay_triangulation_CK_traits_2 is faster than CGAL::Hyperbolic_Delaunay_triangulation_traits_2 for points with rational coordinates.


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