CGAL 5.6 - 2D Hyperbolic Delaunay Triangulations
HyperbolicFaceData Concept Reference


The concept HyperbolicTriangulationFaceBase_2 describes the requirements for an internal data class that must be provided by the model of the HyperbolicTriangulationFaceBase_2.

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Public Member Functions

void set_infinite ()
 sets the face as infinite and non-Delaunay hyperbolic
void set_Delaunay_hyperbolic ()
 sets the face as Delaunay hyperbolic
bool is_Delaunay_hyperbolic ()
 returns whether the face is Delaunay hyperbolic, or not.
void set_Delaunay_non_hyperbolic (int i)
 sets the i-th edge of the face as non-hyperbolic
bool is_Delaunay_non_hyperbolic (int i)
 returns whether the i-th edge of the face is non-hyperbolic