CGAL 5.6 - Polygon Mesh Processing
#include <CGAL/Exact_predicates_inexact_constructions_kernel.h>
#include <CGAL/Polyhedral_envelope.h>
#include <CGAL/Polygon_mesh_processing/remesh.h>
#include <CGAL/Surface_mesh.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
typedef Kernel::Point_3 Point_3;
typedef CGAL::Surface_mesh<Point_3> Surface_mesh;
std::ifstream in((argc>1) ? argv[1] : CGAL::data_file_path("meshes/"));
Surface_mesh tmesh;
in >> tmesh;
// remesh the input using the longest edge size as target edge length
Surface_mesh query = tmesh;
Surface_mesh::Edge_iterator longest_edge_it =
std::max_element(edges(query).begin(), edges(query).end(),
[&query](Surface_mesh::Edge_index e1, Surface_mesh::Edge_index e2)
return PMP::edge_length(halfedge(e1, query), query) <
PMP::edge_length(halfedge(e2, query), query);
PMP::isotropic_remeshing(faces(tmesh), PMP::edge_length(halfedge(*longest_edge_it, query), query), query);
// construct the polyhedral envelope
const double eps = (argc>2) ? std::stod(std::string(argv[2])) : 0.01;
Envelope envelope(tmesh, eps);
// check is the remeshed version is inside the polyhedral envelope of the input mesh
if ( envelope(query) )
std::cout << "Remeshing is inside the polyhedral envelope\n";
std::cout << "Remeshing is not inside the polyhedral envelope\n";
std::ofstream("") << query;
return 0;