The function write_arr sends an object of the template parameter type Arrangement to an output stream. The function is intended for cases where the writer object is not the default one, i.e. for user defined writer classes which aim at writing arrangements with additional information or aim at special format. For a default use simply use the insertor operator (<<) of the output stream as in cout << arr.

Reading is done using the read method of Arrangement_2<Dcel,Traits,Base_node>.

#include <CGAL/IO/write_arr.h>

template <Arrangement, Writer>
write_arr ( Arrangement arr,
Writer& writer,
ostream& o)
The function sends an arrangement object to an output stream. The function uses the methods defined within the Writer class, and prints arr which is instance of Arrangement in the format discussed in . The printing is done by sending the arrangement object to the output stream o.


  1. Arrangement should be of type Arrangement_2<Dcel,Traits,Base_node>.
  2. Writer should be of type Arr_file_writer<Arrangement>.

  3. The output stream should support the insertor operator (<<) for the following types