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The Pm_file_scanner<Planar_map> class is inherited from the File_header class. This class contains functions for reading the Planar map components from a given input stream. Users have to make sure that methods for reading Point_2 and X_curve_2 defined in the Planar map traits class are provided when using the input stream they choose to work with. This class is templated with Planar map, and hence the user can work with Pm_file_scanner<Planar_map> with its own Planar map.


Representation of a bounded curve.

A type to hold the location of a vertex in the plane.

A type to hold an x-monotone curve in the plane.

The Dcel vertex type.

The Dcel halfedge type.

The Dcel face type.


Pm_file_scanner<Planar_map> pm_file_scanner ( istream& in);
A constructor for a given input stream.

Pm_file_scanner<Planar_map> pm_file_scanner ( istream& in,
File_header header);
A constructor for a given input stream and File header.


void pm_file_scanner.scan_pm_vhf_sizes ()
scans the number of vertices, halfedges and faces of the Planar map from the input stream.

void pm_file_scanner.scan_index ( size_t& index)
scans one index from the input stream.

istream& ()
returns the input stream the Planar map is scanned from.

void pm_file_scanner.scan_vertex ( D_vertex* v)
scans a vertex of the Dcel from the input stream.

X_curve pm_file_scanner.scan_halfedge ( D_halfedge* h)
scans an halfedge of the Dcel from the input stream. This function also returns the scanned curve. The reason for returning that value is because the Arrangement class does not update its halfedge with the curve.

void pm_file_scanner.scan_face ( D_face* f)
scans a face of the Dcel from the input stream.

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