An instance of PlanarMapWithIntersectionsChangeNotification_2 can be passed to the modification methods of a planar map with intersections object. An insertion of an intersecting curve to a planar map may add several halfedges and modify several features of the map. The relevant function of the change notification instance is called after each such modification.


the planar map with intersections in which the object is being used.

the traits class of Planar_map.


pmwx_cn.add_edge ( Traits::X_curve cv,
Planar_map::Halfedge_handle e,
bool original_direction,
bool overlap)
called each time a pair of twin halfedges is added to the planar map. cv is the curve of the added halfedges. e is one of the new halfedges. original_direction is true iff e is directed the same as the original curve inserted into the map. overlap is true iff the added halfedges overlap halfedges already in the map.

pmwx_cn.split_edge ( Planar_map::Halfedge_handle orig_edge,
Planar_map::Halfedge_handle new_edge,
Traits::X_curve c1,
Traits::X_curve c2)
called each time a pair of twin halfedges is split into two pairs. The split operation creates a new pair of twin halfedges (new_edge and its twin) and modifies the original pair (orig_edge an its twin). c1 and c2 are the curves after the split.

pmwx_cn.split_face ( Planar_map::Face_handle orig_face,
Planar_map::Face_handle new_face)
called each time a face of the planar map is being split by the inserted curve into two faces: orig_face is the original face and new_face is the new face.

pmwx_cn.add_hole ( Planar_map::Face_handle in_face,
Planar_map::Halfedge_handle new_hole)
called each time a hole is added to a face in_face. new_hole is a halfedge on the new hole.

bool pmwx_cn.have_support_curve ()
returns true if edge_support_curve function can return the supporting curve (used by the arrangement class).

pmwx_cn.edge_support_curve ( Planar_map::Halfedge_handle edge)
returns the supporting curve of a edge, if it exists (used by the arrangement class).

Has Models

The package does not supply models of PlanarMapWithIntersectionsChangeNotification_2. The arrangement class has an internal implementation that is used for the updating of its hierarchy structure.