#include <CGAL/connect_holes.h>

template <class Kernel, class Container, class OutputIterator>
OutputIterator connect_holes ( Polygon_with_holes_2<Kernel,Container> pwh, OutputIterator oi)
Connects the holes of pwh with its outer boundary. This is done by locating the topmost vertex in each hole in the polygon with holes pwh, and connecting it by a vertical segment to the polygon feature located directly above it (a vertex or an edge of the outer boundary, or of another hole). The function produces an output sequence of points, which corresponds to the traversal of the vertices of the input polygon; this traversal starts from the outer boundary and moves to the holes using the auxiliary vertical segments that were added to connect the polygon with its holes. The value-type of oi is Kernel::Point_2.


The input polygon with holes pwh is bounded (namely it has a valid outer boundary).