Each of the following assertions, applicable to an iterator or a circulator or both, checks at compile time if its argument is of the kind stated in the assertions name, i.e. a circulator, an iterator, or a particular category of either an iterator or a circulator. Note that neither input nor output circulators exists.

#include <CGAL/circulator.h>

template <class C>
void Assert_circulator ( C c)
template <class I>
void Assert_iterator ( I i)
template< class IC>
void Assert_circulator_or_iterator ( IC i)

template <class I>
void Assert_input_category ( I i)
template <class I>
void Assert_output_category ( I i)
template <class IC>
void Assert_forward_category ( IC ic)
template <class IC>
void Assert_bidirectional_category ( IC ic)
template <class IC>
void Assert_random_access_category ( IC ic)

See Also

Circulator_tag, Circulator_traits, query_circulator_or_iterator, Circulator.