#include <CGAL/intersections.h>

bool do_intersect ( Type1<Kernel> obj1, Type2<Kernel> obj2)
checks whether obj1 and obj2 intersect. Two objects obj1 and obj2 intersect if there is a point p that is part of both obj1 and obj2. The intersection region of those two objects is defined as the set of all points p that are part of both obj1 and obj2. Note that for objects like triangles and polygons that enclose a bounded region, this region is part of the object.

The types Type1 and Type2 can be any of the following:

Also, in three-dimensional space Type1 can be Plane_3<Kernel> or Triangle_3<Kernel> and Type2 any of

Finally, Type1 can be of type Triangle_3<Kernel> and Type2 of type Tetrahedron_3<Kernel>.

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