This operator reads a Nef polyhedron, which is given in the proprietary file format written by the input operator in and assigns it to N. It includes the complete incidence structure, the geometric data, and the marks of each item.

It is recommended to use the CGAL kernels Homogeneous, Simple_homogeneous, or Extended_homogeneous parametrized with any exact number type that models (e.g.Gmpz or leda_integer). The input and output iterators of Nef polyhedra parametrized with either of these kernels are compatible as long as the Nef polyhedron is bounded. An unbounded Nef polyhedron can only be read by a Nef polyhedron parametrized with an extended kernel. It is also recommended to use the CGAL stream modifier set_ascii_mode.

The input operator and output operators of N

#include <CGAL/IO/Nef_polyhedron_iostream_3.h>

template <class Nef_polyhedronTraits_3>
istream& istream& in >> CGAL::Nef_polyhedron_3<Nef_polyhedronTraits_3>& N

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