This operator writes the polyhedral surface P to the output stream out using the Object File Format, OFF, with file extension .off, which is also understood by GeomView [Phi96]. The output is in ASCII format. From the polyhedral surface, only the point coordinates and facets are written. Neither normal vectors nor color attributes are used.

For OFF an ASCII and a binary format exist. The format can be selected with the CGAL modifiers for streams, set_ascii_mode and set_binary_mode respectively. The modifier set_pretty_mode can be used to allow for (a few) structuring comments in the output. Otherwise, the output would be free of comments. The default for writing is ASCII without comments.

#include <CGAL/IO/Polyhedron_iostream.h>

template <class PolyhedronTraits_3>
ostream& ostream& out << CGAL::Polyhedron_3<PolyhedronTraits_3> P

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