The Sixtuple<T> class stores a homogeneous (same type) sixtuple of objects of type T. A Sixtuple<T> is much like a container, in that it "owns" its elements. It is not actually a model of container, though, because it does not support the standard methods (such as iterators) for accessing the elements of a container.

This class is DEPRECATED, and will be removed in some future CGAL release. Please use CGAL::array instead.

#include <CGAL/Sixtuple.h>


T must be Assignable.


typedef T value_type;


T e0; first element
T e1; second element
T e2; third element
T e3; fourth element
T e4; fifth element
T e5; sixth element


Sixtuple<T> t;
introduces a Sixtuple<T> using the default constructor of the elements.

Sixtuple<T> t ( T x, T y, T z, T t, T u, T v);
constructs a Sixtuple<T> such that e0 is constructed from x, e1 from y, e2 from z, e3 from t, e4 from u and e5 from v.