This concept is for proxy objects which get notified when a kinetic Delaunay triangulation changes.


void v.pre_remove_vertex ( Vertex_handle)
The vertex is about to be deleted.

void v.post_remove_vertex ( Point_key, Cell_handle)
The vertex was just removed.

void v.pre_insert_vertex ( Point_key, Cell_handle)
The vertex is about to be inserted into the cell (although the Cell_handle might be NULL).

void v.post_insert_vertex ( Vertex_handle)
The vertex was just inserted.

void v.change_vertex ( Vertex_handle) The trajectory of the point at the vertex changed.

void v.create_cell ( Cell_handle) The cell was just created and initialized.

void v.destroy_cell ( Cell_handle) The cell is about to be removed.

void v.pre_edge_flip ( Edge) The edge is about to be flipped.

void v.post_edge_flip ( Facet) The facet was just created with a flip.

void v.pre_facet_flip ( Facet) The facet is about to be flipped.

void v.post_facet_flip ( Edge) The edge was just created with a flip.

Has Models

Kinetic::Delaunay_triangulation_visitor_base_3, Kinetic::Delaunay_triangulation_recent_edges_visitor_3<Triangulation>, Kinetic::Delaunay_triangulation_event_log_visitor_3