CGAL is implemented for the most part by researchers. The academic world evaluates and rewards researchers for a good part by the analysis of the number of published papers and the number of citations of their papers, which measures their impact. In order to make the CGAL project attractive for researchers to contribute their work (which allows users to benefit from new contributions), we are pushing a model where the CGAL manual chapters are considered like publications, and can be cited in articles as such.
We therefore kindly ask users to cite CGAL as appropriately as possible in their papers, and to mention the use of CGAL on the web pages of their projects using CGAL and provide us with links to these web pages. Feel free to contact us in case you have any question or remark on this topic.

We provide bibtex entries for the chapters of the User and Reference Manual, as well as for publications directly related to the CGAL software.

Citing the CGAL Library or the CGAL project

If you want to cite the CGAL Library or project as a whole, please

Citing the User and Reference Manual

If you want to refer to CGAL manual, please