#include <CGAL/approximated_offset_2.h>

template<class Kernel, class Container, class OutputIterator>
approximated_inset_2 ( Polygon_2<Kernel, Container> pgn,
typename Kernel::FT r,
double eps,
OutputIterator oi)
Provides a guaranteed approximation of the inset, or inner offset, of the given polygon P by a given radius r. Namely, the function computes the set of points inside the polygon whose distance from P's boundary is at least r: { p P | dist(p, ∂P) r }, with the approximation error bounded by eps. Note that as the input polygon may not be convex, its inset may comprise several disconnected components. The result is therefore represented as a sequence of generalized polygons, whose edges are either line segments or circular arcs. The output sequence is returned via the output iterator oi, whose value-type must be Gps_circle_segment_traits_2<Kernel>::Polygon_2.
Precondition: P is a simple polygon.