#include <CGAL/offset_polygon_2.h>

template<class ConicTraits, class Container, class OutputIterator>
inset_polygon_2 ( Polygon_2<typename ConicTraits::Rat_kernel, Container> P,
typename ConicTraits::Rat_kernel::FT r,
ConicTraits traits,
OutputIterator oi)
Computes the inset, or inner offset, of the given polygon P by a given radius r - namely, the function computes the set of points inside the polygon whose distance from P's boundary is at least r: { p P | dist(p, ∂P) r }. Note that as the input polygon may not be convex, its inset may comprise several disconnected components. The result is therefore represented as a sequence of generalized polygons, such that the edges of each polygon correspond to line segments and circular arcs, both are special types of conic arcs, as represented by the traits class. The output sequence is returned via the output iterator oi, whose value-type must be Gps_traits_2<ConicTraits>::Polygon_2.
Precondition: P is a simple polygon.