The template parameter StreamLinesTraits_2 has to be instantiated by a model of the concept StreamLinesTraits_2.

This class provides a vector field specified by a set of sample points defined on a triangulated domain. All sample points are inserted to a Delaunay triangulation, and for each point p in the domain located in a face f, its vector value is interpolated from the vertices of the face f.


typedef StreamLinesTraits_2::FT FT; the scalar type.
typedef StreamLinesTraits_2::Point_2
Point_2; the point type.
typedef StreamLinesTraits_2::Vector_2
Vector_2; the vector type.


Triangular_field_2<StreamLinesTraits_2> tfield_2 ( InputIterator1 first_point,
InputIterator1 last_point,
InputIterator2 first_vector);
Defines the points in the range [.first_point, last_point.) as the sample points of the grid, with the corresponding number of vectors started at first_vector.
Precondition: The value_type of InputIterator1 is Point.
Precondition: The value_type of InputIterator2 is Vector.

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