#include <CGAL/Bbox_3.h>


An object b of the class Bbox_3 is a bounding box in the three-dimensional Euclidean space E 3.


Bbox_3 b ( double x_min, double y_min, double z_min, double x_max, double y_max, double z_max);
introduces a bounding box b with lexicographically smallest corner point at (xmin, ymin, zmin) lexicographically largest corner point at (xmax, ymax, zmax).


bool b.operator== ( c) const Test for equality.

bool b.operator!= ( q) const Test for inequality.

int b.dimension () const Returns 3.

double b.xmin () const
double b.ymin () const
double b.zmin () const
double b.xmax () const
double b.ymax () const
double b.zmax () const

double b.min ( int i) const Returns xmin() if i==0 or ymin() if i==1 or zmin() if i==2.
Precondition: i<=0 and i<=2
double b.max ( int i) const Returns xmax() if i==0 or ymax() if i==1 or zmax() if i==2.
Precondition: i==0 and i<=2

Bbox_3 b.operator+ ( c) const returns a bounding box of b and c.

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