CGAL 5.1.3 - 2D Arrangements
CGAL::Arr_linear_traits_2< Kernel > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Arr_linear_traits_2.h>


The traits class Arr_linear_traits_2 is a model of the ArrangementTraits_2 concept, which enables the construction and maintenance of arrangements of linear objects.

The linear objects may be bounded (line segments) or unbounded (rays and lines). Thus, it is also a model of the concept ArrangementOpenBoundaryTraits_2. The traits class is parameterized parameterized with a CGAL-kernel model; see the reference page of Arr_segment_traits_2<Kernel> for further explanations and recommendations on choosing a kernel.

Arr_linear_traits_2 defines Kernel::Point_2 as its point type. The nested X_monotone_curve_2 and Curve_2 types defined by the traits class (as is the case with the various segment-traits classes, both types refer to the same class, as every linear object is (weakly) \( x\)-monotone), are constructible from a point, a line segment, a ray and from a line (objects of types Kernel::Point_2, Kernel::Segment_2, Kernel::Ray_2 and Kernel::Line_2, respectively). On the other hand, when we are given a curve we can find out its actual type and convert it to the respective kernel object (say, to a Kernel::Ray_2).

Is Model Of:




Arrangement_on_surface_2/dual_lines.cpp, Arrangement_on_surface_2/dual_with_data.cpp, Arrangement_on_surface_2/global_removal.cpp, Arrangement_on_surface_2/overlay_unbounded.cpp, and Arrangement_on_surface_2/unbounded_non_intersecting.cpp.


class  Curve_2
 The Curve_2 (and the X_monotone_curve_2) class nested within the linear-traits can represent all types of linear objects. More...
class  Trim_2