CGAL 5.1 - 2D Circular Geometry Kernel
AlgebraicKernelForCircles::XCriticalPoints Concept Reference



A model of this concept must provide:

template<class OutputIterator >
OutputIterator operator() (const AlgebraicKernelForCircles::Polynomial_for_circles_2_2 &p, OutputIterator res)
 Copies in the output iterator the x-critical points of polynomial p, as objects of type AlgebraicKernelForCircles::Root_for_circles_2_2.
template<class OutputIterator >
AlgebraicKernelForCircles::Root_for_circles_2_2 operator() (const AlgebraicKernelForCircles::Polynomial_for_circles_2_2 &p, bool b)
 Computes the x-critical point with smallest (resp. largest) x of polynomial p if b is true (resp. false).