CGAL 5.1 - Triangulated Surface Mesh Simplification
CGAL::Surface_mesh_simplification::Midpoint_placement< TriangleMesh > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Surface_mesh_simplification/Policies/Edge_collapse/Midpoint_placement.h>


The class Midpoint_placement is a model for the GetPlacement concept which computes the placement as the midpoint position along the edge.

Template Parameters
TriangleMeshis the type of surface mesh being simplified, and must be a model of the MutableFaceGraph and HalfedgeListGraph concepts.
Is Model Of:


 Midpoint_placement ()
 Default constructor.


boost::optional< typename Edge_profile::Pointoperator() (const Edge_profile &profile) const
 Returns the placement (vertex position) as the midpoint between the points of the source and target vertices (profile.p0() and profile.p1())