CGAL 5.1 - Triangulated Surface Mesh Simplification
CGAL::Surface_mesh_simplification::Edge_collapse_visitor_base< TriangleMesh > Struct Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Surface_mesh_simplification/Edge_collapse_visitor_base.h>


The class Surface_mesh_simplification::Edge_collapse_visitor_base provides a base class for models of the EdgeCollapseSimplificationVisitor concept.

This base class implements all of the visitor's callbacks. This way, users need only override the callbacks they are interested in. The callbacks are not virtual because this is not a dynamically polymorphic base class and the derived visitor will never be used polymorphically at runtime (is perfectly fine to override and hide a non-virtual method in the context of the static polymorphism used in the simplification algorithm).

Template Parameters
TriangleMeshis the type of surface mesh being simplified, and must be a model of the MutableFaceGraph and HalfedgeListGraph concepts.
Is Model Of: