CGAL 5.4 - 2D Arrangements
ArrangementClosedTopTraits_2 Concept Reference


A model of the concept ArrangementClosedTopTraits_2 must be used when the parameter space of the surface, the arrangement is embedded on, is closed on the top side and curves inserted into the arrangement are expected to reach this boundary side. A model of this concept can handle curves that reach the top boundary side when it is closed.

See also
ArrangementClosedLeftTraits_2, ArrangementClosedRightTraits_2, ArrangementClosedBottomTraits_2, ArrangementOpenTopTraits_2, ArrangementContractedTopTraits_2, and ArrangementIdentifiedHorizontalTraits_2


typedef unspecified_type Top_side_category
 Must be convertible to CGAL::Arr_closed_side_tag.