CGAL 5.6 - Triangulated Surface Mesh Simplification
CGAL::Surface_mesh_simplification::Count_ratio_stop_predicate< TriangleMesh > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Surface_mesh_simplification/Policies/Edge_collapse/Count_ratio_stop_predicate.h>


This class is deprecated since CGAL 5.6, the class Edge_count_ratio_stop_predicate should be used instead.

The class Count_ratio_stop_predicate is a model for the StopPredicate concept which returns true when the relation between the initial and current number of edges drops below a certain ratio.

Template Parameters
TriangleMeshis the type of surface mesh being simplified, and must be a model of the MutableFaceGraph and HalfedgeListGraph concepts.
Is Model Of:
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 Count_ratio_stop_predicate (const double ratio)
 Initializes the predicate establishing the ratio.


bool operator() (const Edge_profile::FT current_cost, const Edge_profile &edge_profile, const Edge_profile::edges_size_type initial_edge_count, const Edge_profile::edges_size_type current_edge_count) const
 Returns (double(current_edge_count) / double(initial_edge_count)) < ratio. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename TriangleMesh >
bool CGAL::Surface_mesh_simplification::Count_ratio_stop_predicate< TriangleMesh >::operator() ( const Edge_profile::FT  current_cost,
const Edge_profile edge_profile,
const Edge_profile::edges_size_type  initial_edge_count,
const Edge_profile::edges_size_type  current_edge_count 
) const

Returns (double(current_edge_count) / double(initial_edge_count)) < ratio.

All other parameters are ignored (but exist since this is a generic policy).