The function draw_pm sends an object of the template parameter type Planar_map to a graphic stream. The function is intended for cases in which the drawing object is not the default one, i.e. for user defined drawing classes. User defined drawers aim at drawing planar maps with additional information or aim at a different way to draw components. For a default use simply use the insertor operator (<<) of the graphic stream as in my_window << pm.

#include <CGAL/IO/draw_pm.h>

template <Planar_map, Drawer, Window>
void draw_pm ( Planar_map pm, Drawer& dr, Window& w)
The function sends a planar map object to a graphic stream w. The function uses the functions defined in dr, the drawing object.


  1. Planar_map should be of type Planar_map_2<Dcel,Traits>.
  2. Drawer should be of type Pm_file_drawer<Planar_map>.
  3. Window should support the insertor operator (<<) for the following types

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