An instance of Arr_face_overlay_traits<Arr_A,Arr_B,Arr_R,OvlFaceData> should be used for overlaying two arrangements of types Arr_A and Arr_B, which are instantiated using the same geometric traits-class and with the DCEL classes Dcel_A and Dcel_B respetively, in order to store their overlay in an arrangement of type Arr_R, which is instantiated using a third DCEL class Dcel_R. All three DCEL classes are assumed to be instantiations of the Arr_face_extended_dcel template with types FaceData_A, FaceData_B and FaceData_R, respectively.

This class gives empty implementation for all overlay traits-class functions, except the function that computes the overlay of two faces. In this case, it uses the functor OvlFaceData, which accepts a FaceData_A object and a FaceData_B object and computes a corresponding FaceData_R object, in order to set the auxiliary data of the overlay face.

#include <CGAL/Arr_default_overlay_traits.h>

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