The function locate performs a batched point-location operation on a given arrangement. It accepts a range of query points, and locates each point in the arrangement. The query results are returned through the output iterator. Each result is given as a pair of the query point and an object represneting the arrangement feature that contains it, namely an Object that may be either Face_const_handle, Halfedge_const_handle, or Vertex_const_hanlde. The resulting pairs in the output sequence are sorted in increasing xy-lexicographical order of the query points. The function returns a past-the-end iterator of the output sequence.

#include <CGAL/Arr_batched_point_location.h>

template<typename Traits, typename Dcel, typename PointsIterator, typename OutputIterator>
locate ( Arrangement_2<Traits,Dcel> arr,
PointsIterator points_begin,
PointsIterator points_end,
OutputIterator oi)