CGAL::halfedge_graph_traits< CGAL::Polyhedron_3<Traits> >


The class halfedge_graph_traits< CGAL::Polyhedron_3<Traits> > is a partial specialization of CGAL::halfedge_graph_traits for Polyhedron_3. It provides the types associated to the HalfedgeGraph concept.

#include <CGAL/boost/graph/halfedge_graph_traits_Polyhedron_3.h>


halfedge_graph_traits< CGAL::Polyhedron_3<Traits> >::undirected_edge_iterator
An edge iterator that iterates over one of the two opposite edges forming an undirected edge.
The value type is CGAL::Polyhedron_3::Halfedge_const_handle.

typename CGAL::Polyhedron_3<Traits>::Point_3
Point; The point type of the vertex.