An object b of the data type Iso_box_d<Kernel> is an iso-box in the Euclidean space d with edges parallel to the axes of the coordinate system.


Iso_box_d<Kernel> b ( const Point_d<Kernel>& p, const Point_d<Kernel> &q);
introduces an iso-oriented iso-box b with diagonal opposite vertices p and q.


bool b.operator== ( const Iso_box_d<Kernel>& b2) const
Test for equality: two iso-oriented cuboid are equal, iff their lower left and their upper right vertices are equal.

bool b.operator!= ( const Iso_box_d<Kernel>& b2) const
Test for inequality.

const Point_d<Kernel>& b.min () const returns the smallest vertex of b.

const Point_d<Kernel>& b.max () const returns the largest vertex of b.


bool b.is_degenerate () const b is degenerate, if all vertices are collinear.

Bounded_side b.bounded_side ( const Point_d<Kernel>& p) const
returns either ON_UNBOUNDED_SIDE, ON_BOUNDED_SIDE, or the constant ON_BOUNDARY, depending on where point p is.

bool b.has_on_boundary ( const Point_d<Kernel>& p) const
bool b.has_on_bounded_side ( const Point_d<Kernel>& p) const
bool b.has_on_unbounded_side ( const Point_d<Kernel>& p) const


Kernel::FT b.volume () const returns the volume of b.