The class Delaunay_mesh_criteria_2<CDT> is a model for the MeshingCriteria_2 concept. The shape criterion on triangles is given by a bound B such that for good triangles (r)/(l) B where l is the shortest edge length and r is the circumradius of the triangle. By default, B=sqrt(2), which is the best bound one can use with the guarantee that the refinement algorithm will terminate. The upper bound B is related to a lower bound min on the minimum angle in the triangle:

sin min = (1)/(2 B)

so B=sqrt(2) corresponds to min greater or equal 20.7 degrees.

#include <CGAL/Delaunay_mesh_criteria_2.h>

Is Model for the Concepts



Delaunay_mesh_criteria_2<CDT> traits;
Default constructor. B=sqrt(2).

Delaunay_mesh_criteria_2<CDT> traits ( double b = 0.125);
Construct a traits class with bound B=sqrt((1)/(4 b)).