CGAL::Tree_anchor<Data, Window>


Tree_anchor is also derived from Tree_base. Therefore, it provides the same methods as Range_tree_d and Segment_tree_d, but does nothing; it can be used as a recursion anchor for those classes. Therefore, instantiate Sublayer_type of Range_tree_d (Segment_tree_d respectively) with Tree_anchor and the container classes for the data items (Data and Window).


Tree_anchor<Data, Window>::Data
container Data.

Tree_anchor<Data, Window>::Window
container Window.


#include <CGAL/Tree_base.h>

Tree_anchor<Data, Window> a;


template<class OutputIterator>
OutputIterator a.window_query ( Window win, OutputIterator result)

template<class OutputIterator>
OutputIterator a.enclosing_query ( Window win, OutputIterator result)

bool a.is_valid () returns true;

Protected Operations

bool a.is_inside ( Window win, Data object)
returns true.

bool a.is_anchor () returns true.


The following figures show a number of rectangles and a 2-dimensional segment tree built on them.

    dimensional interval data Two
    dimensional segment tree according to the interval data

Two dimensional interval data. Two dimensional segment tree according to the interval data.