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The class Kd_tree_rectangle<Traits> implements d-dimensional iso-rectangles and related operations, e.g., methods to compute bounding boxes of point sets.

#include <CGAL/Kd_tree_rectangle.h>


Traits::FT FT; Number type.


Kd_tree_rectangle<Traits> r ( int d);
Constructs a d-dimensional rectangle r with lower bound and upper bound set to zero in each dimension.

template <class PointIter>
Kd_tree_rectangle<Traits> r ( int d, PointIter begin, PointIter end);
Constructs the bounding box of the points in the range [begin,end), where the value type of PointIter must be Traits::Point_d.


FT r.min_coord ( int i) Returns the lower bound of the rectangle in dimension i.

FT r.max_coord ( int i) Returns the upper bound of the rectangle in dimension i.

void r.set_upper_bound ( int i, FT x) Sets upper bound in dimension i to x.

void r.set_lower_bound ( int i, FT x) Sets lower bound in dimension i to x.

FT r.max_span () Returns the maximal span of the rectangle.

FT r.max_span_coord () Returns the smallest coordinate for which the rectangle has its maximal span.

int r.dimension () Returns the dimension of the rectangle.

void r.split ( & r, int d, FT value) Splits rectangle in dimension d at coordinate-value value by modifying itself to lower half and by modifying r to upper half.

Output Routines

template<class FT>
std::ostream& std::ostream& s << & r Inserts rectangle r in the output stream s and returns s.

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