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The class Plane_separator<FT> implements a plane separator, i.e., a hyperplane that is used to separate two half spaces. This hyperplane is defined by a cutting dimension d and a cutting value v as xd=v, where v denotes the dth coordinate value.

#include <CGAL/Plane_separator.h>

Is Model for the Concepts



Plane_separator<FT> s ( int d, FT v);
Constructs a separator that separates two half spaces by a hyperplane defined by xd=v, where v denotes the dth coordinate value.

Plane_separator<FT> s ( p);
Copy constructor.


void s.set_cutting_dimension ( int d) Sets the cutting dimension to d.

void s.set_cutting_value ( FT v) Sets the cutting value to v.

int s.cutting_dimension () Returns the number of the cutting dimension.

FT s.cutting_value () Returns the cutting value.

template <class SpatialPoint>
bool s.has_on_negative_side ( SpatialPoint p)
Returns true if and only if the coordinate of p in the cutting dimension is smaller than the cutting value.

Plane_separator<FT> s = s2 Assignment operator.

Output Operators

template<class FT>
std::ostream& std::ostream& os << s Inserts the plane separator s in the output stream os and returns os.

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