An object of type Qt::GraphicsViewCircleInput<K> creates a circle, defined by either center and radius, or two or three points on the circle. A new vertex is inserted every time the left mouse button is released. The Del key removes the last entered point. The Esc key removes all entered points.

#include <CGAL/Qt/GraphicsViewCircleInput.h>


The template parameter of Qt::GraphicsViewCircleInput<K> must be a Cgal Kernel.

Inherits From



Qt::GraphicsViewCircleInput<K> in ( QObject *p, QGraphicsScene* s, int pointsOnCircle = 1);
p is a parent object. s is the scene where the circle is generated. pointsOnCircle is the number of points on the circle to be generated, that is the default value 1 corresponds to the case center/radius.


void in.generate ( Object o) The object o contains a std::pair<K::Point_2, K::FT> for center and radius, or a std::pair<K::Point_2, K::Point_2> for two points defining the circle, or CGAL::array<K::Point_2, 3> for three points defining the circle.