An object of type Qt::GraphicsViewPolylineInput<K> creates a list of points. A new vertex is inserted every time the left mouse button is pressed. The list of points is emitted on a right click or when the number of points specified in the constructor is reached. You can use the 'Del' or 'Backspace' key if you want to remove your last entered point in the polygon, and the 'Esc' key if you want to remove all points.

The tool can serve at the same time for entering a single point, a polyline with a given number of points, and for open as well as closed polylines.

#include <CGAL/Qt/GraphicsViewPolylineInput.h>


The template parameter of GraphicsViewPolylineInput<K> must be a Cgal Kernel.

Inherits From



Qt::GraphicsViewPolylineInput<K> in ( QObject *p, QGraphicsScene* s, int n = 0, bool closed = true);
p is a parent object. s is the scene where the polyline is generated. n is the number of points of the polyline to be generated. If c is equal to 0, the default value, the number of points of the polyline is not limited. When closed is true the function displays a polygon.


void in.generate ( CGAL::Object o) The object o contains a std:list<K::Point_2>.