Orientation orientation ( Point_2<Kernel> p, Point_2<Kernel> q, Point_2<Kernel> r)
returns LEFT_TURN, if r lies to the left of the oriented line l defined by p and q, returns RIGHT_TURN if r lies to the right of l, and returns COLLINEAR if r lies on l.

Orientation orientation ( Vector_2<Kernel> u, Vector_2<Kernel> v)
returns LEFT_TURN if u and v form a left turn, returns RIGHT_TURN if u and v form a right turn, and returns COLLINEAR if u and v are collinear.

Orientation orientation ( Point_3<Kernel> p, Point_3<Kernel> q, Point_3<Kernel> r, Point_3<Kernel> s)
returns POSITIVE, if s lies on the positive side of the oriented plane h defined by p, q, and r, returns NEGATIVE if s lies on the negative side of h, and returns COPLANAR if s lies on h.

Orientation orientation ( Vector_3<Kernel> u, Vector_3<Kernel> v, Vector_3<Kernel> w)
returns POSITIVE if u, v and w are positively oriented, returns NEGATIVE if u, v and w are negatively oriented, and returns COPLANAR if u, v and w are coplanar.

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