CGAL 5.6.1 - 2D Arrangements
// Constructing an arrangement of Bezier curves.
#include <CGAL/config.h>
#include "arr_Bezier.h"
#include "arr_print.h"
#include "read_objects.h"
int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
// Get the name of the input file from the command line, or use the default
// Bezier.dat file if no command-line parameters are given.
const char* filename = (argc > 1) ? argv[1] : "Bezier.dat";
// Read the Bezier curves.
std::list<Bezier_curve> curves;
read_objects<Bezier_curve>(filename, std::back_inserter(curves));
// Construct the arrangement.
Arrangement arr;
CGAL::insert(arr, curves.begin(), curves.end());
return 0;
#include <iostream>
int main ()
std::cout << "Sorry, this example needs GMP and CORE\n";
return 0;