CGAL 5.6.1 - Manual
Getting Started with CGAL

The following pages describe how to use CGAL on different environments:

The following pages cover advanced installation options:

The following pages cover the structure of the manual and general information about CGAL:

  • Organization of the Manual gives an idea of where you should look for documentation.
  • General Information lists how to control inlining, thread safety, code deprecation, checking of pre- and postconditions, how to alter the failure behavior, and how to check the version of CGAL.
  • License describes the different licenses used within CGAL, with which users must comply.

Once you are familiar with building your programs with CGAL and how the documentation is structured, you can head over to the Tutorials for a gentle introduction to CGAL, or directly to the package(s) that interest you the Package Overview. Each package contains simple examples of the various functionalities of the package.