CGAL 5.6.1 - 2D Generalized Barycentric Coordinates
2D Generalized Barycentric Coordinates Reference

Dmitry Anisimov, David Bommes, Kai Hormann, and Pierre Alliez
This package offers an efficient and robust implementation of 2D generalized barycentric coordinates defined for simple polygons in the plane. If coordinates with respect to multivariate scattered points instead of a polygon are required, please refer to natural neighbor coordinates from the Package 2D and Surface Function Interpolation.
Introduced in: CGAL 4.6
BibTeX: cgal:abha-gbc-24a
License: GPL

Classified Reference Pages


Analytic Coordinates

Harmonic Coordinates

Free Functions


 Generalized barycentric concepts.
 Analytic Coordinates
 Analytic coordinates and related classes.
 Harmonic Coordinates
 Harmonic coordinates and related classes.
 Free Functions
 Free functions to compute barycentric weights and coordinates.
 Deprecated classes and functions.


file  Barycentric_coordinates_2.h
 A convenience header that includes all free functions and classes for 2D barycentric coordinates in closed form.


 The namespace Barycentric_coordinates contains implementations of all generalized barycentric coordinates: 2D, 3D, related enumerations, etc.