CGAL 5.6.1 - 2D and 3D Linear Geometry Kernel
CGAL::Bbox_3 Member List

This is the complete list of members for CGAL::Bbox_3, including all inherited members.

Bbox_3(double x_min, double y_min, double z_min, double x_max, double y_max, double z_max)CGAL::Bbox_3
bbox_3(InputIterator begin, InputIterator past_end)CGAL::Bbox_3related
bbox_3(InputIterator begin, InputIterator past_end, const Traits &traits)CGAL::Bbox_3related
dilate(int dist)CGAL::Bbox_3
dimension() constCGAL::Bbox_3
do_overlap(const Bbox_3 &bb1, const Bbox_3 &bb2)CGAL::Bbox_3related
max(int i) constCGAL::Bbox_3
min(int i) constCGAL::Bbox_3
operator!=(const Bbox_3 &q) constCGAL::Bbox_3
operator+(const Bbox_3 &c) constCGAL::Bbox_3
operator+=(const Bbox_3 &c)CGAL::Bbox_3
operator==(const Bbox_3 &c) constCGAL::Bbox_3
xmax() constCGAL::Bbox_3
xmin() constCGAL::Bbox_3
ymax() constCGAL::Bbox_3
ymin() constCGAL::Bbox_3
zmax() constCGAL::Bbox_3
zmin() constCGAL::Bbox_3