CGAL 5.6 - 3D Simplicial Mesh Data Structures
3D Simplicial Mesh Data Structures Reference

Pierre Alliez, Clément Jamin, Laurent Rineau, Stéphane Tayeb, Jane Tournois, and Mariette Yvinec
This package provides a data structure to store three-dimensional simplicial meshes and their subcomplexes. It provides an API for tetrahedral meshes generated with CGAL or not, to be processed with CGAL 3D mesh generation and remeshing algorithms, along with iterators, IO functions, and additional helper functions.
Introduced in: CGAL 5.6
Depends on: 3D Triangulations
BibTeX: cgal:ajrtty-mds3-23b
License: GPL
Windows Demo: Polyhedron demo
Common Demo Dlls: dlls

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Function Templates

Input/Output Functions


 The main concepts of this package.
 The classes describing a 3D simplicial mesh data structure.
 The functions to work with the 3D mesh data structures.
 Export Functions
 The free functions that can be used to export meshes to given output file formats.
 Input/Output Functions
 The free functions that can be used to read and write meshes.