CGAL 5.1 - 2D and 3D Linear Geometry Kernel



A model of this concept must provide the following operations.

For each of them, it returns true iff x and y are equal.

bool operator() (const Kernel::Point_2 &x, const Kernel::Point_2 &y)
bool operator() (const Kernel::Vector_2 &x, const Kernel::Vector_2 &y)
bool operator() (const Kernel::Direction_2 &x, const Kernel::Direction_2 &y)
bool operator() (const Kernel::Line_2 &x, const Kernel::Line_2 &y)
bool operator() (const Kernel::Ray_2 &x, const Kernel::Ray_2 &y)
bool operator() (const Kernel::Segment_2 &x, const Kernel::Segment_2 &y)
bool operator() (const Kernel::Circle_2 &x, const Kernel::Circle_2 &y)
bool operator() (const Kernel::Triangle_2 &x, const Kernel::Triangle_2 &y)
bool operator() (const Kernel::Iso_rectangle_2 &x, const Kernel::Iso_rectangle_2 &y)